the Naked Truth

Formerly released as “my unapologetic self” this fig scent is an ode to your true self. The fig leaf was used since ancient times, biblical included, to cover the “shameful” parts of depicted characters in all forms of art. But the cover up was just a symbolic gesture, as the truth was obvious to all who choose to see it. Inspired by this meaning of fig leaf, the scent, an unexpected mix of green and creamy notes is an invitation to celebrate who you are.

The Notes




The Ritual

Stand in front of the mirror. Naked.
Accept yourself. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself!

The Science

Did you know that fig are not fruits, but inverted flowers? Yes, they bloom on the inside and form hard shelled fruits which are those crunchy seeds. And you might have heard that there are dead wasps inside them? That is partially true, as the fig wasp enters only in the male figs which we do not consume. If you are curious about the whole pollination process, you can find more in this video.

The Sound