Togi Sento Lava Rock Diffuser

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Togi Sento is a scent that will awaken your senses. It is inspired by an old Japanese ritual: people are celebrating the winter solstice (Togi), with a yuzu yu – a hot bath filled with yuzu fruits at a communal bathhouse (Sento). The citrusy smell of yuzu will relax your body and mind and relieve stress. Black pepper comes into play to enhance that relaxed feeling and ease anxiety. While Amber grounds these high notes and you.
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The Notes



100% concentrated fragrance oil

lava rock

tin recipient for the lava rocks

glass recipient with pipette for fragrance oil


How to use

First use
Saturate de lava rocks with 1-2 full piepettes of oil.

Place 6-8 drops of oil on the rocks every 3 days or when desired to enhance the fragrance.

Other considerations:
The diffuser has a more subtle scent than a candle. The scent will get stronger over time. Do not over use the fragrance oils.
The intensity of the scent will also depend on the ambiental temperature.
When not in use, keep the lid on to lock in the scent.
Always keep the rocks inside the container. The oil may stain other surfaces.