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Togi Sento Large Candle

A scent inspired by the ancient japanese tradition of yuzu baths during the winter solstice, Togi Sento was created to be enjoyed especially during the cold seasons. The sweet-citrusy yuzu has a relaxing effect, while the black pepper heart warms you up with its spicy hit and the soft, powdery amber base feels like a warm hug. Consider this an invitation to indulge in a pampering winter night.

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Fragrance Profile

Fragrance Family:

citrus, amber

Fragrance Strength:


Fragrance Notes:

TOP: black pepper, orange, grapefruit
MIDDLE: lemon, ginger
BASE: verbena, yuzu, amber


100% soy wax | wood wick | tin recipient
hand poured in small batches
250 ml / 8 oz.   ~ 40h burn time
To enjoy your candle at its full potential, please follow our candle care guide.

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