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The Drop

Get ready to discover a new way to experience home fragrance.
From the heart of tropical forests in Southeast Asia comes the Meranti wood, a hardwood that displays a straight grain and throws flashes of golden rose hues.
Developed by the masterfull hands of LUN Design (@aboutLUN) exclusively for REMINISCENT of ®, this olfactory object in the shape of a drop was made for you to explore the scent of the tropical forest that it originates from. 
Made entierly by hand and left uncoated, The Drop has a porous area at the top on which 2/3 drops of fragrance oil should be placed, a smooth groove that guides the oil to a hole that leads to the heart of the drop, where the scent will remain and emanate notes of birch, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla and amber until it evaporates.
The Drop was designed as a home fragrance diffuser, but it should also be appreciated as an object of ritual. We encourage you to use the few seconds that the oil travels through the groove to breathe: inhale the scent of the tropical forest and let the exhale take you on a journey through it. Repeat with every drop.

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100% concentrated perfume oil | meranti wood diffuser
How to use: Place 2/3 drops of fragrance oil on the porous top of the diffuser. Allow the oil to flow through the groove into the hole. 

Other considerations: The diffuser has a more subtle scent than a candle. The scent will get stronger over time. Do not over use the fragrance oils. The intensity of the scent will also depend on the ambiental temperature. The oil may stain other surfaces.


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