Reminiscent of X Ame Ceramics

169,00 lei

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We’ve been dreaming about a ceramic recipient for our candles for a long time, but we wanted it to respect the wabi sabi principles that we love the most and make it perfectly imperfect.

And we have found the team that woud make it both geometric and organic, minimalist and complex, strong, yet delicate.

Ame Ceramics gave us the first Reminiscent of ceramic vessel and it’s here in a very limited exclusive edition.



Our classic scents in a handmade Ame Ceramics recipient made of matt glazed stoneware.

100% soy wax

wood wick

ceramic recipient

hand poured in small batches

250g / 8.5 oz.

~ 45h burn time

To enjoy your candle at its full potential, please follow our candle care guide.