my unapologetic self

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You remember, while sucking the honey like juice off your fingers, reading in that blatantly uninformed article in The New Yorker that all figs have a dead wasp and some mumified larvae inside, which makes them not suitable for vegans. And that just makes you angry. Not because you are vegan, or because you know it’s fake news. But because you live in this kind of world, where a dead wasp could be an actual problem. And this short burst of anger brings up the earthy and sharp notes of the green fig twig you just snapped between your fingers.
You also remember being a child and wanting to solve all of the world’s real problems: hunger, war, endangered species, pollution… And everytime you made a plan for it, you had the same solution: love & kindness. Little did you know that love alone was never enough and kindness was forever mistaken for foolishness.
Years later, when you’ve learned to appreciate figs and actually relate with the enclosed flower that they are, always blooming inward into a sweet and milky heart, you still believe in love & kindness, except now you can be unapologetic about it.





Top Notes: Green Leaves, Citrus

Heart Notes: Coconut, Cedar, Violet

Base Notes: Oakmoss, Tonka, Amber


100% soy wax

wood wick

paint tin recipient

hand poured in small batches

250g / 8 oz.

~ 40h burn time