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Although R E M I N I S C E N T of┬ámade its first public appearance in 2020, the idea of it bloomed in 2016. Maybe we didn’t know at the time that we would be making home fragrances, but we knew that it would be something that would change our lives for the better.

In 2016 our son Remi was born and the world as we knew it turned upside down. And we wanted to make this world a better place for him. A world that is more sustainable, more mindful, and why not, a world that smells better.

When we decided to enter the home fragrance world and we had to pick a name for our small business, we knew we wanted to have his name on it. Therefore, Reminiscent of came naturally (Remi+scent) and it fitted so well with our fascination for the power of smell to bring back memories.

Today is Remi’s 5th birthday and we wanted to celebrate it as we know best, through a special candle. So of course we asked him what is his favourite smell and his answer was straightforward: flowers & pancakes. And we made exaclty that, a candle that smells like flowers and pancakes, topped with a couple of blueberries. Reminiscent of childhood.




Top Notes: Blueberries

Heart Notes: Flowers

Base Notes: Pancakes


100% soy wax

wood wick

tin recipient

hand poured in small batches

250g / 8 oz.

~ 40h burn time

To enjoy your candle at its full potential, please follow our candle care guide.