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A Valencian Sunset Fragrance Oil

The orange hues of the golden hour flood the streets as the afternoon heat melts under the setting sun. The orange blossoms release their scent making the air crisp and cool. The ice cubes crackle as the carafes get filled with Agua de Valencia. The people start buzzing at every corner and you know a fiesta is about to start somewhere, after every Valencian sunset.

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Fragrance Profile

Fragrance Family:


Fragrance Strength:


Fragrance Notes:

TOP: neroli, bergamot
MIDDLE: orange, litsea cubeba
BASE: grapefruit, lotus


100% concentrated perfume oil | volcanic rocks | tin recipient
How to use
First use Saturate de lava rocks with 1-2 full piepettes of oil.
Maintaining Place 6-8 drops of oil on the rocks every 3 days or when desired to enhance the fragrance.
Other considerations: The diffuser has a more subtle scent than a candle. The scent will get stronger over time. Do not over use the fragrance oils. The intensity of the scent will also depend on the ambiental temperature. When not in use, keep the lid on to lock in the scent. Always keep the rocks inside the container. The oil may stain other surfaces.


Aqua de Valencia

700 ml cava
250 ml orange juice
100 ml gin
Mix in a large carafe and serve with ice

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