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A Girls Night Out Room Spray

This is all about the fun and lively atmosphere of a night out with the girls. It features a bright and invigorating scent that combines notes of lime and juniper, creating an aroma that is both fresh and playful, reminiscent of the gin and tonics that fuel all that fun.

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Fragrance Profile

Fragrance Family:


Fragrance Strength:


Fragrance Notes:

TOP: pine, cypress, lime, grapefruit
MIDDLE: artemisia, verbena
BASE: oak moss


alcohol base | perfume grade fragrance oil |tin recipient | hand bottled in small batches

170 ml / 6 oz.  

Shake well before use. Spray in the centre of the room away from eyes and face. Do not spray directly on to furnishings, tiles, flooring, naked flame or heat sources.


Gin Tonic

• 50 ml Puscalupi Dry gin
• 150 ml Botanical Tonic Water
• lime curl, juniper berries
• big ice cube

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