lazy summer days

Inspired by a walk through a suburbian neighbourhood in early summer, where all of the fences are covered in waterfalls of wisteria and honeysuckle and every street corner is guarded by an old linden tree with intoxicating honeylike smelling flowers. The silence is disturbed only by the restless bees buzzing around, collecting all that sweet nectar from the flower canopies.

The Notes




The Ritual

A walk through a quiet neighbourhood in the evening of a summer day. Rest on a bench under a linden tree.

The Science

Do you know linded has a handful of other benefits, besides the sweet relaxing fragrance? It is used as a medicinal plant and consumed as a tea that helps relieve anxiety, supports detoxification, reduces inflammation. It contains flavonoids, glycosides (a simple sugar that’s soluble in water, hence the sweet taste), and volatile oils.
It originated in Europe, in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The Products

The Sound

The Taste

Enjoy a simple, yet so tasty and beneficial cup of linden tea.

  • boil 300ml water
  • add a handfull of fresh or dried linden flowers
  • infuse for 5-7 minutes
  • serve hot or cold with a drop of linden honey

The Place

Teiul lui Eminescu” (Eminescu’s linden tree), in Parcul Copou, Iasi, Romania