identity education

In the last couple of weeks, we have collected stories from the community about coming out – stories that begin with personal acceptance and acknowledgement and continue with revealing our personal stories to those around us. They are full of raw emotions, fear, pain, courage, empathy.

We all have our coming out stories, about friendship and community, about pain and resilience, about acceptance and love. Each story is unique, and they all bring us together, closer to each other, regardless if and when we made our coming out and what that means to us, whether we are part of the LGBTQI + community or not. These stories make us vulnerable and strong at the same time. And empathy does not mean living the same story, it means understanding, managing, accepting and integrating diversity. Not all of us are out, not all of us want this, some of us are out in some groups and not in others, and some of us are still looking for the language, shape and context to come out to those close to them.

If you are here, it means that our campaign and the teasers on social media caught your attention. And if you want to be among the first to catch the big launch on the 11th of October, for Coming Out day, click here to join the waiting list. We will send you an email when the candle we made in collaboration with will be available.

We’ll continue sharing the coming out stories we received on our Instagram and Facebook. And if you want to share your coming out story with us, you can do it here.