An Old Library

Inspired by a visit to your local library, this scent combines the smell of wood bookshelves, the old books bound in leather covers and the cup of coffee that will fuel a few hours of reading.

The Notes




The Ritual

Pick up your favorite book, flip through the pages and inhale deeply.
Then exhale, lay down in that comfy vintage leather armchair and take a sip of fresh brewed coffee.

The Science

Are you one of those people that just loves to sniff the pages of a book, be it old or new? Don’t worry, no judge, so are we! But have you ever wondered why do you have this desire? Since we are talking about books, let’s have a short chemistry and biology lesson. The main “notes” of a book are usually paper, glue and ink, which in time turn into volatile compounds that give of that woody and aldehydic smell that a vintage, rich perfume has. These volatile compounds are captured by your olfactory bulb and transmitted to your hippocampus, that part of your brain that handles emotions, memories and feelings. This is how the smell of books can trigger some fond memories, like your visits to your school library, or the bedtime stories your parents used to read you, or maybe that hard to find copy that one of your ex’s left behind.

The Sound