Soy Wax

• It’s natural – made from soybean, it’s a hydrogenated vegetable oil that becomes solid at room temperature
• Clean burn – doesn’t produce the black soot that petroleum-based paraffin does
• Non toxic – does not release carcinogens into the air like paraffin
• Vegan – because it’s made of 100% soy
• Low risk of burns – soy wax has a lower melting point, which means it doesn’t get as hot as paraffin
• Eco-friendly – soy is a renewable resource, unlike petroleum. Also, no bees are harmed
• Stronger scent – because it burns cleaner, the fragrance is not altered by burned additives
Also, it looks, feels and smells very luxurious.

Wood Wick

• made from sappy fruit trees
• all natural, untreated, organic
• minimum carbon residue
• clean, tear shaped frame
• crackling sound
• 35% better fragrance throw than cotton wicks

Tin Recipient

• tin, like aluminum is infinitely recycleble
• the metal recipients are more durable than glass, so the risk of damage during shipping is reduced
• can be reused as storage for: coffee, tea leaves or other dry food items, or non-food, from cotton pads to carpenter nails
• our supplier is committed to ethical trading and is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.


• all our packaging is plastic free
• the labels are printed on plain paper
• the candles are shipped in kraft cardboard boxes and we use paper for padding
• we try reuse as much as possible so you might find reused paper in your packages